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When Should a New Golfer Invest In Their 1st Set of New(er) Golf Clubs!

In the case of most golfers, you should definitely play for a while before investing in your first set of golf clubs. Reason being, you will learn a lot by playing, watching, and listening to golf related content that you may not know in the beginning, and that might be a factor when you are ready to buy your first set.

Things like clubhead speed, swing speed, distances, and more have major effects on golfers and how they perform on the course. In addition to that, age, height, weight, and more can dictate what kind of shafts you may need (Flex vs. Regular vs. Stiff), how long your clubs should be, etc. If you jump straight into $500-$1000 clubs as a starter set and then you don’t have the right clubs for your swing, you may have just wasted your money.

With that said, once you’re integrated and you’ve learned your game somewhat and done your research, a newer, nicer set of golf clubs is always fun and can actually be great for your golf game – it can do things like add distance to your game and cut strokes off of your game, among many other benefits. For example, I saw some major differences between an older set of Adams Golf Irons that I used for 4 or 5 years and a 2019 set of Callaway Apex Irons that I recently upgraded to. I saw a 10 yard distance increase with nearly every club, plus the Apex irons are designed for higher ball flight (perhaps why the 10 yards more carry) which I wasn’t aware of until I bought them and started dialing them in. Speaking of dialing them in, that’s definitely going to be important as you buy a new set. Again, the distances may be greater or less, the ball flight may change, etc so make sure that you spend a few range sessions dialing in your distances. For Help with that, Weekend Warrior Golf offers a FREE ebook entitled “Dialing In Your Distances”. Grab it Here: Dialing In Your Distances Ebook – Weekend Warrior Golf

So for beginner golfers, definitely grab a used set of clubs to start with, and as you develop the basics such as your grip, your stance, your ball striking, your tempo and more, you will learn so much. And as you do, you will learn what you want and need from your clubs, and what works best for you. Wait until the right time to invest in a great set of new(er) clubs and you will be glad you did.

In a nutshell, that is why I am here, writing about golf.

To simply help those that I can, and those that I cannot, may they find their breakthroughs with some other unicorn golf blog out there in the internet world. With that said, I hope you’ll dive into me, pouring my heart and soul out to you, to try to help you be a better golfer.

If you’re down with that, LEAVE A COMMENT below with the TOPIC that Irks YOU the Most, and I’ll do my best to offer suggestions from my exhaustive, 14 handicap, wealth of knowledge bank in hopes that it will help!

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