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Help! How Do I Fix My Hook?

So you need to fix a hook in your golf swing? We’ve all been there. There are a few basics of the golf swing that you should check first. These 2 things can definitely effect the flight of the ball, and can be frustrating if they are not dialed in when you go to play a round of golf.

The 1st thing to always check when working on anything with your swing, is your grip. I literally view my top hand as a dial, and I either dial it one way or the other depending on how much draw or fade that I want per shot. A good visual to remember is that if you can look down and see 2 knuckles on the top hand, that’s a pretty neutral grip. If you dial it to where you can see 3 knuckles, that will naturally create more of a draw ball flight, because of that hand having more control of the follow through. More knuckles = more draw. The opposite is true as well, you can dial it back all the way to a fade (the opposite of a draw) with a weaker top hand grip.

The 2nd suggestion to take a look at is you feet alignment. Neutral would be straight toward the target. If you need a reference point, I’ve seen people get in their shot setup and then check the direction of their feet with their golf club before they swing. If you’re at the range, you can always use another club or an alignment stick (placed on the ground, pointed at the target) to ensure that your feet are pointed at the target properly. Just like the strength or weakness of the grip, the alignment of your feet can potentially play a role in your shot shape as well. If you feet are open to the target (aimed left of center for a right hander and right of center for a left hander), you will tend to hit a fade shot, assuming that everything else is done correctly – for example, you don’t pull through the shot and overcompensate with a draw hook. But ideally with a regular swing, that can (with a little practice) yield a fade shot. The opposite is true again – with a more closed stance (front foot ahead of the back foot) and club face pointed at the target landing spot, and assuming that your swing is correct, you should create a draw shot shape. In other words for a draw you would want your stance closed to the target landing spot (club face pointing at the target landing spot, and feet right of target for a right hander, and left of target for a left hander).

Add a proper swing plane and some practice sessions on the range to dial it in how you want it, and you should be able to create shot shapes as mentioned above. So first things first, check the strength/weakness of your grip and then check your feet alignment to the target.

In a nutshell, here’s why I am here, writing about golf.

To simply help those that I can, and those that I cannot, may they find their breakthroughs with some other unicorn golf blog out there in the internet world. With that said, I hope you’ll dive into me, pouring my heart and soul out to you, to try to help you be a better golfer.

If you’re down with that, LEAVE A COMMENT below with the TOPIC that Irks YOU the Most, and I’ll do my best to offer suggestions from my exhaustive, 14 handicap, wealth of knowledge bank in hopes that it will help!

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