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Hey Everyone, Quick Disclaimer – I am not a Professional Golfer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, which I’ve heard helps!! 🤣🤣

My name is Brad Keaton and I have been playing the game of golf for nearly 25 years. I have played sports my whole life, and been a multi-sport athlete over the years, including playing basketball, baseball, soccer, tournament softball, of course golf, and many other sports.

I started playing golf with my dad around the age of 12, and we still play weekly to this day. I’m currently a 14 handicap and pretty consistently striving to break 85. My dad is most likely around the same handicap or a bit higher. But we love to play and are blessed that we still get to play golf together often.

In 2022, after years of talking about it, my dad and I put our money where our brains are, and started a Golf Apparel Brand, designed for golfers, by golfers. We called it Weekend Warrior Golf and we strive to bring top quality golf apparel (and more) that is among the most comfortable and well-performing apparel on the market.

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SO, why am I here talking to you about golf?

As before mentioned, I Love All Things Golf! In my opinion, golf is the most challenging sport of them all (and I’ve played them all). It’s so technically challenging since 1 degree off with the club face could translate into 40 yards left or right. It simply requires perfection, so for a perfectionist like me (and maybe you as well), I’m always looking for that slight advantage, tip, or trick to cut off a few strokes. And while I admitted at the beginning, I’m not a professional golfer, I have been playing long enough to realize that golf is made up of levels.

Let me give you an example. For the longest time, I could not psychologically talk my brain into hitting the ball over water – and I didn’t even think I was thinking about the water!! Anybody relate? It’s the craziest thing, no matter how hard I focused, or what changes I made, it was just a mental block – if there was water around, I was GOING to hit my ball in the water. In fact, one story that I still get ragged on to this day is this – I was teeing off, par 4. The hill that I was standing on, my feet, and the club face of my driver all faced the fairway, however behind me, down the hill was (you guessed it) water. I proceeded to literally hit the ball off of the very heel of my driver, between my own legs, down the hill, and into said water. Here’s the reason for the story – water is one of many psychological levels that beginner golfers have to conquer in order to get to where they start to score well, be more competitive, and have more fun. Other examples of psychological levels to the game of golf (that have to be overcome) are bunker play, punch shots under tree limbs, etc, scrambling for bogeys, then scrambling for pars, not to mention the levels of scoring – breaking 100, then 90, then 80, are all levels.

With all that said, my goal is to offer suggestions, tips and tricks that have worked for me, to get me to the level that I am now, which is comfortably and pretty consistently breaking 90 and challenging 80-85. What I have to offer may not be for scratch golfers, or even 10 handicappers, even though you may still find help from another, or a slightly different perspective, should I happen to eloquently (George Gervin) finger roll something up that you had never thought about. Nonetheless, I do know that 74% of golfers everywhere can’t break 90 and that’s a stat that irks me because let’s face it, they are just not have Any Fun out there!! Just kidding. But those are the guys/girls that may benefit from my 25 years of playing golf, and the fact that I’m a perfectionist to the extreme, so I tend to document, track, and overanalyze everything for you, so you don’t have to. Then I tend to break it up into nice bite-sized pieces for you, so once again, you don’t have to.

That, in a nutshell is why I am here, writing about golf.

To simply help those that I can, and those that I cannot, may they find their breakthroughs with some other unicorn golf blog out there in the internet world. With that said, I hope you’ll dive into me, pouring my heart and soul out to you, to try to help you be a better golfer.

If you’re down with that, LEAVE A COMMENT below with the TOPIC that Irks YOU the Most, and I’ll do my best to offer suggestions from my exhaustive, 14 handicap, wealth of knowledge bank in hopes that it will help!

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Much love and thanks for taking the time!

Brad Keaton

Weekend Warrior Golfer



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